Science: Polish Perspectives (SPP) is a series of events connecting Polish scientific diaspora all over the world. By bringing SPP events to this community, we are hoping to better undersand it, connect its members and give them a platform for discussion with academia, policy makers and industry in Poland. All SPP events promote interdisciplinarity and encourage best outreach practices.

Our annual SPP Conference happens since 2012 every autumn in Oxford or Cambridge, and the more local satellite events called SPP Meetups are being organised in different forms all over the world. The SPP events are organised by the Polonium Foundation, established in order to cater for, and expand on, the mission of SPP. 

Events this year

Polish Science & Innovation Meetup NYC Kościuszko Foundation

22 May 2018

Past events

SPP Meetup Florence

11-12 March 2018

Science: Polish Perpectives Berlin

Berlin, Germany | 13 - 14 October 2017

Science: Polish Perspectives 2017

Cambridge, UK  | 3 - 4 November 2017

SPP Meetup Delft

Delft,  Netherlands | 1 June 2017

SPP Meetup Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden | 25 Jan 2017 

Science: Polish Perspectives 2016

Oxford, UK | 18-19 Nov 2016

SPP 2015

Cambridge, UK | 30-31 Oct 2015

SPP 2013

Cambridge, UK | 15-16 Nov 2013

SPP 2014

Oxford, UK | 24-15 Oct 2014

SPP 2012

Oxford, UK | 19-21 Oct 2012

Get in touch if you want to organise an SPP Meetup in your local area!

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