Take part in a first German version of
the "Science: Polish Perspectives" Meetup
- this autumn in Berlin!

SPP Meetup Berlin is an interdisciplinary science conference that aims to gather Polish scientists from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland to meet in Berlin. For two days, researchers, PhD students and science-oriented entrepreneurs will be presenting their projects, exchanging experiences and networking. You are very welcome to join no matter if you recently came to Germany, were born here, simply feel connected to Poland or are just interested in “the Polish Perspectives" on science and business.

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Keynote speakers at SPP Berlin Meetup 2017

The World Bank, Kozminski University

"Europe's growth champion: Insights from the economic rise of Poland and the way forward."

International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw

"Cellular stress management."

Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IFJ PAN) in Cracow

"Neutrinos - mysterious fundamental particles of matter."


Start-up session

On Saturday, you are going to meet representatives of Start-ups and the Polish Development Fund - Listen to their story.


The registration for the workshops is closed.

On Friday, there are going to be two workshops for you: The "Foundation for Polish Science" is going to tell you everything you want to know about applying for grants in Poland, and "3D PHOENIX" is offering a hands-on workshop on 3D printing.

#1: 3D Printing


This innovation workshop will be conducted in a Design Thinking approach and will feature the most innovative 3D-printing technology. It will be led by a representative of 3D PHOENIX, the leader of 3D services in Central Europe, and a professional Design Thinking coach. Register for this workshop and bring your own ideas for a disruptive 3D-printing use case. Let’s then together prototype it and try to bring it to live in order to change people’s lives ever after. Within 3 hours you will experience both the most recent 3D-printing technology, and the way how innovative start-up companies develop their disruptive concepts. The workshop is limited to 12 spots.




#2: Applying for grants in Poland - why and how

This workshop, led by a representative of the Foundation for Polish Science, the largest non-governmental source of science funding in the country, will provide you with an overview of options you will have at your disposal when planning your research career in Poland. We will present the current FNP grant offer as a point of departure, providing you with a road map of Polish funding opportunities and illustrating this structured presentation with a talk by one of our grantees, whose first-hand experience should equip you with real-life, practical knowledge about the benefits and challenges of doing science in Poland today. An interactive Q&A session at the end of the workshop will give you an opportunity to ask any additional questions you may have.

Urszula Rapacka (FNP), Anna Raiter-Smiljanic (FNP), Magdalena Stobinska (UW), Anna Plater-Zyberk (PAN), Jakub Gnadek (NCN)



Panel discussion

Science across borders:

Polish - German perspectives for scientific excellence

Scientific excellence - often you hear that this is a process, not a state. We would like to ask our speakers to share with us how they define scientific excellence, basing on their long-term experience of cooperation within both Polish and German partnership projects and institutes. The goal is to understand better what kind of attitudes allow researchers to do science across the borders - mental, geographical or cultural borders. What lessons did our speakers draw from the foreign agenda? What can Poland do better?

Prof. Konrad Czerski
University of Szczecin [PL] 
Prof. Detlef Hommel
EIT+ Wrocław [PL]
Dr. Agata Starosta
Newcastle University [UK] & UMCS Lublin [PL]
Witold Gnauck
German-Polish Science Foundation [DE]
Ewa Kusmierczyk
Polish Academy of Sciences [PL]


Speakers at SPP Berlin Meetup 2017

Posters at SPP Meetup Berlin 2017:


Meetup Venue & Registration 

Main venue
Festsaal Humboldt Graduate School

Luisenstraße 56
Berlin, Germany


Evening Dinner                                  Restaurant "das pfeffer" 

Schönhauser Allee 176
10119 Berlin


Walking tour on Friday

On Friday, after the Poster session, you can join us for a walking tour (the weather is supposed to be nice). We are going to walk to the Conference Dinner and an the way visit the Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag, and the Museumsinsel. The tour will take about 1 hour. 

Tickets and Agenda

Early Bird: 1-11.08.2017
Students & PhD Cand.: 30 Euro
Others: 40 Euro
Standard: after 12.08.2017
Students & PhD Cand.: 35 Euro
Others: 45 Euro

Fee includes: conference attendance, coffee breaks, evening dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday. 


Meet the organising team of SPP meetup Berlin 2017

It is very probable that in this very moment, our team is working on making the SPP meetup the most enjoyable meeting of this year. Our organising team is spread over Germany and comes from different scientific backgrounds. Meet us in October!


SPP meetup Berlin 2017 Partners & Supporters

Honorary Partners

Strategic Partners



Zadanie współfinansowane w ramach sprawowania opieki Senatu Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej nad Polonią i Polakami za granicą w 2017 roku. Projekt wspierany przez Polsko-Niemiecką Fundację na Rzecz Nauki- Gefördert aus Mitteln der Deutschen-Polnischen Wissenschaftsstiftung.


Do you have any questions about the event? Would you like to support us in any way? Get in touch by emailing us at sppberlin@poloniumfoundation.org!

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