This year in Berlin, we will hold a German version of the

"Science: Polish Perspectives" meeting.

After 5 years of successful Science Polish Perspectives (SPP) Conferences taking place in the United Kingdom, this autumn we will hold a first German edition of SPP Meetups - SPP Meetup Berlin.
SPP Meetup Berlin is an interdisciplinary science conference that aims to gather Polish scientists from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland to meet in Berlin. For two days, researchers, PhD students and science-oriented entrepreneurs will be presenting their projects, exchanging experiences and networking. You are very welcome to join no matter if you recently came to Germany, were born here, simply feel connected with Poland or are just interested in “the Polish Perspectives" on science and business.

Come to SPP meetup Berlin and...


Programme & Venue

Friday,   13.10.2017

09:00 Workshops

11:00 Lunch time

12.30 Opening

12:45 Keynote 1

13:30 Gold Sponsor

13:45 3-Min Pitch

14:30 Coffee break

15:00 Talks

15:45 Sponsor 2

16:00 3-Min Pitch

16:45 Poster session

20:00 Dinner


Saturday, 14.10.2017

09:00 Partner


09:30 Keynote 2

10:15 Coffee break

10:45 3-Min Pitch

11:30 Sponsor 3

11:45 Talks

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Keynote 3

14:45 Talks

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 Panel discussion

17:00 Closing conference

20:00 Evening event

Main venue:
Festsaal Humboldt Graduate School
Luisenstraße 56
Berlin, Germany


Registration fees

Students: 30 Euro

Others: 40 Euro

The registration will open in June.


Keynote speakers at SPP Berlin Meetup 2017

Marcin Piątkowski, PhD Senior Economist


The World Bank

Agnieszka Chacińska, Professor PhD


International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw


Present your research

Giving a talk

Tell the audience about your research in a 15 Min talk (including discussion).

Presenting a poster

Condense your research on a poster and discuss science one to one.

Science Slam

Introduce yourself and your research in a presentation in the Fame Lab Style


Workshops,  discussion panel and networking

Learn something new at our workshops

Join us before the official beginning of the conference to participate at a workshop, learn something new and meet other participants.

Join our panel discussion

There will be an exceptional discussion panel in which we will discuss about the future of German-Polish scientific and business cooperation.

Get in touch with business

Meet representatives of business companies and learn how to bridge the gap between science and business.

Enjoy Berlin's nightlife at our evening events

In the evening, continue discussions in a relaxed atmosphere after the official conference schedule.


Meet the organising team of SPP meetup Berlin 2017

It is very probable that in this very moment, our team is working on making the SPP meetup the most enjoyable meeting of this year. Our organising team is spread over Germany and comes from different scientific backgrounds. Meet us in October!

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If you have questions, please contact our Communications-Team :