It all started from small informal meetings called Polish Science Cafe at the University of Cambridge where Polish academics were gathering to share their research with each other. Seeing a growing interest in such events from the community, Krzysztof Bar, Tomasz Cebo and Magda Richter, decided to bring this idea to the next level. First edition of SPP after months of hard, pioneering work was put to fruition in Oxford in October 2012 and was co-organised by Oxford University Polish Society, Cambridge University Polish Society and the LSE Polish Business Society. SPP2012 hosted almost 150 participants and world-class speakers including: Prof. Kwiatkowska (Oxford), Prof. Zernicka-Getz (Cambridge), Prof. Horodecki (Gdansk), Prof. Glowacki (Cambridge), as well as many great presentations from postgraduate students. SPP 2012 received a lot of attention from the media (Polish Press Agency, Gazeta Wyborcza, Radio Zet as well as some online publications: Nature, and managed to acquire an impressive number of patrons and partners including: Polish Embassy in London, Boston Consulting Group, Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Foundation for Polish Science. Indeed, since 2012 autumn has become the special place in calendars and agendas of many Polish scientists working abroad, especially in the United Kingdom, as they set aside spare time to make sure they do not miss the annual event.

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