Back to where it all begun, in Oxford, the 2014 conference has by then established its' own brand and formula - a platform for presenting research, by scientists for scientists, yet by specialists for non-specialists.  This constant popular science focus, critical for bringing the community together, was coupled with a constant push towards fresh ideas and novel activities. That squeezed into the always too busy agenda, is what has always made the conference so unique, and continues to do so until this day. This year, the SPP team led by Piotr Oleśkiewicz and Maciej Halbryt was for the first time recruited from volunteers from universities other than Oxford, Cambridge and LSE, and this tradition countinues ever since. The keynote speakers of SPP2014 included Templeton Prize winner Ks. Prof. Michał Heller (Cosmology), Prof. Adam Babiński (Physics), Prof. Janusz Bujnicki (Bioinformatics), and Prof. Lech Mankiewicz (Astronomy). We were also very proud to host, together with the Oxford University Physics Society, an Open Lecture delivered by Prof. Agnieszka Zalewska - President of the CERN Council.

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