Since SPP2012 many of our guests have started collaborations and friendships during the sessions or coffee breaks; all members of SPP have left with valuable skillset, which many of them have applied in the events that followed. This tradition, combined with a feeling that SPP is has become way more than just an annual event, led a group of former SPP team members to establishing the Polonium Foundation.  Indeed, 2016 opened a new chapter in the history of the conference. The biggest edition so far, hosting around 220 guests, proves beyond doubt that good ideas can come a long way if backed by hard work. Led by Agata Misiaszek, the team put up an event filled with over forty presentations on topics ranging from sociology to quantum physics. Keynote speeches were delivered by Dr Gosia Trynka (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute), Artur Chmielewski (NASA), Prof. Mariusz Ratajczak (University of Lousiville) and Prof. Janusz Lewiński (Warsaw University of Technology). The agenda of SPP2016 was topped up with vivid panel discussions on technology transfer and the future of science after Brexit, and three insightful workshops.

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