SPP2017 Cambridge, 3-4 Nov 2017
Guidelines for abstracts

Please describe what you would like to present, giving enough detail to help us choose a balanced selection of topics, but making sure that we can easily understand the science. When submitting your abstract please remember that Science: Polish Perspectives is a popular science conference. The selection panel consists of representatives specialising in various scientific disciplines. By writing your abstract in a clear, understandable way, suitable for non-experts you increase your chances of being selected for the presentation of your choice!

1. Presentation title
Simple - avoid long complex phrases. Catchy – try to make it original and interesting. Reflective - choose the topic that best illustrate the subject of your research.

2. Research description with your aims. Maximum 500 characters
Apart from knowing what your research is about we would like to know what you hope to achieve by it. Highlight what is your aim and your way to rule the world!

3. Methods and Results Maximum 750 characters
Using some exciting, innovative method? Share it with us!

4. Conclusions and why should we care? Maximum 750 characters
Learning from our experience from previous editions of SPP, we recognise our applicants to meet the highest academic standards. Help your abstract in this competition and tell us how important is your research for the world. In other words: why should we care?

Ready? :)