Science: Polish Perspectives Conference 2017
Terms and Conditions

1. Application and Registration T&C

These terms and conditions apply to the Science: Polish Perspectives  conference which takes place in Cambridge, United Kingdom on the 3rd and 4th of November 2017. Associated events will take place on the 2nd of November 2017

1.1 The Conference is organised by the Polonium Foundation with its legal address in Warsaw (Emilii Plater 25/64, 00-688 Warsaw, NIP 701-058-44-08, KRS 0000621890) and the team of volunteers, herein referred to as the "Organisers".

1.2 The provisions of these Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the application process in order to participate in the Conference, referred to in Section 2.1. below, and so they apply to all people who have registered for participation in the Conference ("Participants").

1.3 The official website of the Conference can be found at :

1.4 To participate in the Conference one needs to apply by filling in the application form available on the website before the deadline ("Application").

1.5  Amount of tickets  for the Conference is limited.

1.6 The Participants cover their own costs of accommodation and travel in order to participate in the Conference.

2. Eligibility
The conference is directed at young researchers, PhD students, and undergraduates of Polish origin or connected to Poland, having experience in conducting their research or affiliated with universities and institutes outside of Poland. That includes for participants who at the time of registration: enrolled students, PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers, or other individuals affiliated with an academic institution. Organisers reserve the right to give priority at the registration to the participants who fall into this category.

3. Participation age
All participants must be at least 18 years old to take part in the conference and associated events unless agreed otherwise with organisers on individual basis.

4. Registration and fees

To secure your participation in the Conference, you are kindly asked for the following donation to the Organiser (“Donation”):

Registration donation are divided into categories outlined below:

      • Presenter Application: 30 GBP

            for Speakers/Poster Presenters,

      • Early birds Registration: 35 GBP
        Early birds registration period as set in conference announcements. Organisers reserve the right to limit the time of the early birds registration and the number of discounted tickets available.

      • Standard Registration: 45 GBP
        Standard registration period as set in conference announcements. Organisers reserve the right to limit the time of the standard registration and the number of standard tickets available.

4.1 All participants are expected to register for the conference in the specified time frame announced on the conference website. Participants applying as speakers or poster presenters are expected to pay the Donation  within 5 business days from receiving the e-mail confirming their place at the conference. The email will contain the instructions for making the Donation. Participants whose presenter application is unsuccessful may agree to a standard participation. There will be no need to complete another registration form, however the Donation corresponding to the price of the Early Birds Registration prices (35 GBP) will be expected within 5 business days from receiving the email containing payment instructions. In order to complete the standard registration participants will be expected to pay the Donation before submission. More details and deadlines regarding application and registration are provided on

4.2 Organisers reserve the right to cancel any registration if Donation is not received in due time. In such cases, the participant will be notified via e-mail.

4.3 Organisers reserve the right to ask for an explanation/validation of any information given by the applicant in the registration form. In such case, the applicant will be notified via e-mail and is expected to produce an explanation/ confirmation document within 5 business days. In case of not receiving a satisfying answer, organisers reserve the right to cancel the registration.

4.4 In exceptional circumstances, organisers reserve the right to cancel the registration if the participant provided misleading information.

4.5 Organisers reserve the right to change the dates of the registration. In such case, information will appear on and the Facebook fan page ( Participants are obliged to check these websites often and to adjust to changes.

4.6 Organisers reserve the right to refuse attendance at the conference to anyone for valid and reasonable reasons. In such case, participant will be notified by e-mail and can ask for an individual explanation of such decision.

4.7 A decision as to whether the application is successful or not will be provided at the shortest possible time after the closing of the registration via e-mail.

5. Cancellation policy
No refunds will be given after the Donation has been received.  Any exceptions, i.e. mitigating circumstances beyond control of the participants, will be dealt with on an individual basis. There is no possibility of receiving a refund under any circumstances if the cancellation is made later than on 10.10.2017.

6. Conference entry resale
Each admission to the conference is based on a successful registration process and only valid for the registered individual. Organisers reserve the right to check the ID of every participant to identify and match the individual with the registered information. It is therefore not possible to resell your conference or associated events entry to another individual. Each interested individual will have to register separately.

7. Amendments and event cancellation:

7.1 Organisers reserve the right to amend, postpone or cancel the conference. In such unlikely circumstances, the due notice will be given to the participants. Participants are expected to check any communication from  the organisers at the provided e-mail address, including their SPAM inbox.

7.2 In case of the cancellation or postponement of the conference due to events beyond the control of the organisers, a full refund of the Donation will be given less any administrative costs. Organisers cannot be held liable for any costs incurred by the participants such as those for travel, reservations, non-refundable tickets, etc.

7.2 The organisers reserve the right to amend the programme due to reasons beyond their control, such as speaker transport delays or cancellations. The organisers will endeavour to reschedule or substitute talks wherever possible. However, no refunds of the Donation will be given.

8. Complaints

8.1 All complaints about the Conference must be submitted by the Participants by writing a signed for registered letter to the address of the Organisers.

8.2 Complaints must be made in writing within three (3) days of the end of the Conference

8.3 After three (3) days since the end of the Conference, all complaints shall not be considered

8. Data validity

All participants are obliged to provide true and accurate data about themselves in the registration form. Anybody found to deliberately breach this condition may be refused registration and participation in the conference.

9. Data and information provided to us

Organisers reserve the right to use any materials provided by speakers and poster presenters for the purpose of the publicity and advertisement of the conference. This includes, but is not limited to: abstracts, biographies, pictures etc. Personal data submitted during the registration are administered by Polonium Foundation (KRS 0000621890, 00-688 Warsaw, Emilii Plater 25/04). Personal data included in the application to Science: Polish Perspective 2017 conference will be processed for the purpose of registering the applicant for the conference and sharing information about other initiatives of Polonium Foundation and will not be distributed further or transferred to any other organisations. The applicant has a right to access and amend the information she/he provides. Sharing personal data is voluntary but necessary for registering for Science: Polish Perspectives 2017.

10. Images and recordings

Participants should bear in mind that photographs, videos and sound recordings will be taken during the conference. These may include presenting and non-presenting participants. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to have your image and records taken and then used by the Organisers for the marketing purposes by Science: Polish Perspectives, Polonium Foundation and selected sponsors and partners and publicity in any media related to the conference.

11. Obligations of the Participants

11.1 The Participants are obliged to respect the rules and regulations of the facilities and places they are in during the Conference (eg. safety rules, health regulations, fire regulations, road regulations etc.). The Participants are obliged to adhere to the requests and instructions of the Conference Organizers.

11.2 The Participants should behave in a disciplined and cultural manner, and treat the other Participants, the Organizers, others’ property and Conference facilities with due respect. Abusive language and inappropriate behaviour are prohibited. In case you witness or experience abusive or inappropriate language or behaviour, please report to the Conference Organizers as soon as possible either in person, through private message using the social media or email.

11.3 Participation of the underage in the Conference is only possible with the consent of the Organizers. If underage Participants of the Conference are coming with their guardians, the underage Participants are obliged to strictly adhere to the instructions of their guardians. Otherwise they must adhere to the instructions given by the Organizers of the Conference. Arrival at the Conference without a guardian requires a prior consultation with the Organizers.

11.4 The underage Participants are prohibited from smoking, using drugs, and drinking alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine, even though they might be present at parts of the Conference where alcoholic beverages will be served.

11.5 The Participants take part in the Conference and its accompanying events at their own risk and the Organizers do not take responsibility for the safety of participants. The Participants should consider purchasing adequate personal and travel insurance.

11.6 All Participants are obliged to respect their own and the others’ safety

11.7 The Participants are obliged to take care of their belongings, money and their accommodation. The Participants also have an obligation to care for the property and equipment of the place in which he resides. The Organizers are not responsible for the Participants’ belongings, which can be lost, damaged or stolen during the Conference.

11.8 The Participants (and in the case of the underage Participants - their parents or legal guardians) bear full liability for the damage caused both on the premises in which the Conference and accompanying events are held and in their accommodation.

11.9 The Participants who violate the rules in these Terms and Conditions may be expelled from the Conference at their own expense or in the case of the uderage Participant, at the expense of their parents (or guardians). Parents or guardians of the undeage Participant might also be obliged to refund the money spent by the Organizers on escorting the Participant.

11.10 Participants are obliged to inform the Organizers of any circumstances (health, medical, dietary etc.)  that may affect their participation in the Conference and may require special accommodations. The Organizers reserve the right to refuse acceptance of the Participants if they are not be capable to provide the necessary accommodations. In such case, the participant will be informed about the refusal by e-mail.

12. Disability and assistance

All participants are obliged to inform the organisers about any conditions of whatever nature (e.g. medical, dietary, physical) that will cause them to require additional assistance during the conference. Organisers reserve the right not to be able to accommodate any special requests. In such case, the participant will be noticed via e-mail.

13. Intellectual property
The names, images and logos identifying  Science: Polish Perspectives and its materials and services are subject to copyright and design rights of Polonium Foundation.

14. Final Provisions

14.1. Any disputes that may arise from the participation in the Conference will be settled by the court appropriate for the official address of the Organizer.

14.2. Sending the Donation constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, as well as respecting the instructions and any other arrangements made between the Participants and Organizers.

14.3. In matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions the rules of the Civil Code will be applied.

14.4. The name Science: Polish Perspectives, the Conference logo and all the material and graphics associated with the Conference are the property of the Polonium Foundation and are protected by copyright. //a jak z nazwą SPP Meetup Berlin?

14.5. The Organizers reserve the right to use the materials provided by the Participants presenting either talks or posters (including abstracts, CVs and photos) for the purposes of advertising, promotion and marketing of the Conference and sharing with the funders.

14.6. We inform that all personal data submitted will be administered by Polonium Foundation (Emilii Plater 25/64, 00-688 Warsaw, Poland). The personal data included in the Application for the Conference will be processed within the scope of and for the purpose necessary to register the Participants for the Conference and the dissemination of information about other initiatives from Polonium Foundation and will not be distributed further or transferred to other organizations, the principles arising from the general provisions of the law, with particular emphasis on the Personal Data Protection Act from 29 August 1997 (Dz. U. No. 133 pos . 833 with later amendments) . The Participants have a right to access and amend their personal data. Sharing personal data is voluntary but necessary for registering for the Conference.

14.7. The conference is closed for a general public and is not a mass event within the meaning of the Act of 23 March 2009 on safety of mass events (Dz. U. 2009 No. 62, item. 504).

14.8. During the Conference the Organizers reserve the right to take pictures, record video or audio, of Participants both presenting their research and participating in other activities. In case of generation of such materials by the Organizer during the Conference, which record the Participants (picture, video or audio recording), the Participants (and in case of the underage Participants their parents or legal guardians) authorize the recording and dissemination of their image by the Organizers, or by other parties on behalf of the Organisers, for the purposes of advertising, promotion and marketing (including partners and sponsors of the Conference), including the dissemination of the copies with the image and the reproduction of the image in all available techniques and methods, distribution and publishing, also with images of other people.

14.9. These Terms and Conditions shall take effect immediately from the day of its publication on the website

14.10. The Organizers reserve the right to change the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. Amendments shall take effect after seven days from the day they are published on the website